Gadsby's Tavern Museum near Alexan Florence - pic by Constantine J. on Yelp

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum near Alexan Florence

Get a dose of American history with your modern luxury apartment when you visit Gadsby’s Tavern Museum near Alexan Florence. Not only can you enjoy Alexandria’s latest luxury apartment community at Alexan Florence, but also the roots of the USA. So schedule your tour today and pick your favorite floor plan. Then explore Old Town and discover a charm people have loved for hundreds of years.

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum 

You can solve all the world’s problems over a pint of lager, which they did at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum. In their words, “Gadsby’s Tavern Museum consists of two buildings, a ca. 1785 tavern, and the 1792 City Tavern and Hotel. In those seven short years, the young Republic began to take shape through the conversations and choices being made in these tavern spaces. The impact of these choices and how far to extend power—political, economic, and social—is still being felt today. Named for Englishman John Gadsby, who operated them from 1796 to 1808, the tavern businesses were central to Alexandria’s port-based economy, offering spaces to dine, entertain, and spend the night. A large enslaved labor force made Gadsby’s renowned hospitality possible. Notable patrons that enjoyed this hospitality included George and Martha Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the marquis de Lafayette.”

Culture near Alexan Florence

Julie A. shares“I’m gonna confess that I was a little bit obsessed just to be in the room where a Hamilton song kinda happened…and I may have done a couple of “If you had to choose if you had to choose choose…” before the family also on the tour started looking at me funny. It’s a cool little museum made out of just a real place that’s survived historically preserved. The design of the museum made it fun to visit, it’s very cost-effective to go to, and you can even mail a couple of postcards on the museum!”

Old Town Vibes

Plenty of modern hotspots around Old Town create the perfect blend of upscale options and historical roots. So whether you are looking to deep dive into early American history or want the best in new American cuisine, you can find it in Old Town. Best of all, every choice is close to your new home at Alexan Florence.

Check out Gadsby’s Tavern Museum near Alexan Florence and upgrade your lifestyle. Schedule your in-person tour today and move into the life you crave.