Meet the Team


Assistant General Manager

World Traveler, Universal Chef, Fashion Freak, Technology Lover, Interior Designer

San Jose, CA

Favorite Quote

There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance – Ali Bin Abi Talib

When I’m not at Alexan Florence, I'm...

Spend time with friends & Family (Cooking, Gaming, Camping, Traveling)

Red or White?


Comedy Club or Dance Club?

Comedy Club

Little known fact about me

I love growing all kinds of plants: fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Favorite Candy

Anything chocolate!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Dolce Leche

Song I love to dance to

Any Lebanese Dabke songs.

Camping or Glamping?


When I was a Kid...

I used to disassemble items and then reassemble them so that if anything ever went wrong I knew exactly how to fix it!

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