Meet the Team


General Manager

World Traveler, Sports Fanatic, Foodie

Boca Raton, FL

Cat or Dog?


Favorite Quote

The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know - Aristotle

When I’m not at Alexan Florence, I'm...

Outside with friends (skiing, hiking, paddle boarding)

My Guilty Pleasure

Reality TV

Little known fact about me

I studied abroad in Switzerland and South Korea

If I were in a Band, it would be...

The Revivalists, because it is my favorite band of all time

Favorite Candy

Anything chocolate!

If I could have a Superhuman Power, it would be...

Teleportation, so I can travel even more!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Mint chocolate chip

Song I love to dance to

Dancing Queen

Favorite sports team

Florida State University Football – GO NOLES!

Best Place I’ve Been

Costa Rica

When I was a Kid...

I was obsessed with Cher. My parents took me to her concert for my 10th birthday and it was one of the best presents I have ever received!

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